snow - śnieg
snowflake – płatek śniegu
snowball – śnieżka
ice – lód
icicles – sople śniegu
ice skates - łyżwy
ice skating – jazda na łyżwach
skis - narty
skiing – jazda na nartach
sled / slegde - sanki
sledding / sledging – jazda na sankach
snowboard – deska do snowboardu
snowboarding – jazda na snowboardzie
I’m a little snowman
Look at me
These are my buttons
One two three
These are my eyes and this is my nose
I wear a hat, brr it’s cold!
There was a chubby snowman
He had a carrot nose
Along came a bunny
And what do you suppose?
That hungry little bunny
Looking for his lunch
Ate that snowman’s carrot nose
Nibble nibble crunch!